Giethoorn is Floating village and Unique in the Netherlands

Giethoorn is Floating village and Unique in the Netherlands - Calm water combined with the green grass, plants and colorful flowers to make anyone who would be tempted to see her beauty. That picture when you visit Giethoorn, a unique village that is located 1.5 hours from the city of Amsterdam.

The village is located in the province of Overijssel, the Netherlands is indeed quite unique and interesting. The houses here are separated by water, like a floating village. Besides the buildings here could be fairly old and antique, understand it, this village has existed since 1230.

Area called Dutch Venicenya main canal has a length of about 7.5 km with a depth of about 1 meter. The village is first created and filled by the fugitives who came from the Mediterranean region such as Turkey, France and Spain.

Formerly in the village Giethoorn there is no landline at all, only waters that are passable only by boat Boat Wishper. Boat Boat Wishper selected because this type of boat is not beirisik, so calm in this area is maintained.

However, since the well-known by tourists since 1958, is now the village Giethoorn existing bike paths and a bridge between the home also has begun to be found in the front of this village.

Giethoorn village famous for a film producer Bert Haanstra made ​​film 'Fanfare' in there. That time until now Giethoorn village famous as one of the tourist area in the Netherlands that must be visited by tourists.

The village is inhabited by more than 2000 people visited this most fitting during the summer. Here you enjoy the beauty of the village bida while biking in the summer sunshine.
Giethoorn is Floating village and Unique in the Netherlands

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