Bromo Tengger as tourist attractions

 Temperatures in the area of ​​Bromo Tengger, especially in the dry season, very cold at night and early morning (3 º - 20 º Celsius). Broad expanse of sea sand around the area Gn. Bromo you can take to just walk around while aiming the camera, view the source of water in Goa Widodaren sacred by the Tengger tribe, as the holy water used in rituals Yadnya Kasada, horseback riding, mountain biking, climbing the stairs to the top of Mt. Bromo, or climbing Mt. Shell if able. Rituals Yadnya Kasada visited by many domestic and foreign tourists. Feast Day Yadnya Kasada is customary and religious events are held regularly every year by the Hindu Tengger people and Hindu Balinese. Poten, a place where they worship, is situated amid the sea of sand. It was said that the building holds its own miracle story. At the time of eruption of Mt. Bromo large enough to date. June 8, 2004, at 16:30 pm, thousands of small boulders, thrown vomited, but none of the stones fell in the yard or building upon potent.
Not too far towards the north of Bromo Mountain, there is Pananjakan Mountain. With a height of 2774 + m above sea level., This is the right place for you who want to see the sun rise, and the complex views of Mt. Bromo and Mt. Semeru. Domestic and foreign tourists are usually already in this location since at 04.00 pm.

Towards Jemplang, you will pass through the sea of sand. In the dry season, the sand becomes loose, smooth, and easily blown by the wind. At the time the wind blew sand friction that is strong enough, and making a sound that is strong enough anyway. This is the reason why this stretch of sand called sand whispered.
When you are in the Sea of ​​Sand, but can relax with a double-axle four wheel drive vehicles or on foot, you can also relax on horseback-style "cowboy", is guaranteed very fun  ....! But if you are afraid or unfamiliar horse, you can enlist the help of the guide horse to guide you to the destination.

But conversely, if you are brave and accustomed to riding a horse, you can ride a horse all by himself and drew a round in the Sea of ​​Sand. Riding routes that can be passed are: Cemorolawang - Sea of ​​Sand - Mount Bromo , or Cemorolawang - Sea of ​​Sand - Padang Savana - Bukit Teletabis .

Anyway so cool  ....! if you ride the horse, especially if you ride a horse wearing sunglasses and cowboy hat as he sped over the Sea of Sand, it feels like a Hollywood cowboy movie star ... ...!
Is a bit far south of Mt. Bromo, lay Mt. Teletabis there is savanna with beautiful verdant hill during the rainy season, turn yellow in spring, and become brown during the dry season, because the grass is dry and dead. When adventuring around the complex Gn. Bromo Tengger, you need not worry about the HP signal.

During your safari in Padang Savana Tengger, you will go through the Tengger Savana Hills is very beautiful, naturally clean, cool air, the breeze, with superb views, ideal for photographs with family, relatives, or friends-your friends.

With an excursion into the field of Tengger Savana very beautiful, you are guaranteed to be swept up in the garden like a paradise. All the fatigue and kesumpekan your mind for this, it will disappear altogether and replaced with a mind and a calm and peaceful atmosphere.
Based on the recognition of tourists who had an excursion into the field of Tengger Savana is, they are really very fascinated and impressed by the beauty, cleanliness, and its natural coolness, therefore they generally want to come back at another time.


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